Greetings Earthling

“Great you have come for a look, but right now I am in the process of creating this new website.The new site will have new original one-off artworks for sale and lots of news. For now to view new artworks go to darmincam_ on Instagram. Follow the link in the menu.”  Darmin

Art for a New World
In the nineteen-seventies Alvin Tofler in his book Future Shock spoke of a world that was becoming too fast for humans. Now nearly fifty years later smart technology and AI have their foot firmly planted on the accelerator. They are driving a social change that is almost impossible to keep up with. Art for the new world is about exploring, understanding and accepting the shock of the new. Large overpowering artworks that have no context, no familiarity and nothing to recognise come exploding into the room. The viewer is challenged to find meaning in these artworks, just like in life. Art for a new world, preparing you for the shocking hyper-speed reality of the twenty-first century, headlong and headfirst into  your future tomorrow, whether you like it or not.